Monday, June 27, 2016

Marooned on the Bermuda Islands

Captain John Smith
When the ship Seaventure left England it did so with 150 adventurers of men, women and children.  But it wrecked in the Bermuda Islands where its passengers were marooned for nine months.  They finally arrived in the Patience and Deliverance commanded by Sir Thomas Gates and Sir George Somers. The newcomers, who already had passed through a harrowing experience, faced a forlorn situation in the land of their destination; and so their leaders concurred in a decision to return to England. But, the timely arrival of Lord De La Warr with three ships exceedingly well furnished with all necessaries, changed the outlook. Here were not only the means of survival but resources for some stable home life. Several of the women who had sailed in the 1609 expedition reached Jamestown ahead of their shipwrecked husbands, who had accompanied the official party on the Seaventure. Among these were Mrs. Joane Peirce, wife of Captain William Peirce, and their daughter Joane, who arrived at Jamestown, 1609, on the Blessing.

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