Monday, December 16, 2013

Warwick sails in 1621

The magazine ship Warwick, accompanied by a pinnace, sailed for Virginia in September of 1621 with a large cargo of clothing and other necessities to be used for the relief and comfort of the planters.  This cargo was valued at a thousand pounds sterling. These clothes could be exchanged for tobacco at the rate of three shillings a pound for the best, or eighteen pence for the meanest grades.  In order to avoid the certain loss which would result from exchanging the goods included in the magazine ship, the Governor and Council were enjoined to leave Mr. Blaney, who was in charge of it, to his free discretion in disposing of the merchandise within the limits as to price laid down in privvate instructions for his guidance.  The Company did not realize that a far greater profit was to be got from sending over spirits and fine apparel. The Company admitted that is own purse was empty and they had to rely upon the purses of members coming forward in the character of private adventurers.

Source: Abstracts of Proceedings of the Virginia Company of London, vol. I, page 158.

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