Sunday, March 25, 2012

Landowners in Jamestown: 1623

A number of deeds which were recorded in James City County during the administration of Governor Wyatt,  survived, conveying title to plats of ground in the Corporation of Jamestown.  The residence of Governor Yeardley stood in the most extensive lot, the area within his enclosure being seven acres.  There were fourt acres in the lot of Captain Roger Smith. The lot of Ralph Warnet, a prominent merchant, covered an acre and a half.  The immediate neighbors of Warnet were George Menefie, Richard Stevens and John Chew, also merchants.  The lot of Captain Ralph Hamor lay some distance from these properties.  The houses were built entirely of wood.  The population in February of 1623 was 182 persons.  Sources: Virginia Land Patents, vol. 1623-43, p. 5; British State Papers, Colonial, vol. II, No. 26; Sainsbury Abstracts for 1623, p. 86, Virginia State Library.

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