Thursday, March 22, 2012


In 1621 the Virginia Company entered into a contract with Captain William Norton who had decided to emigrated to the colony with his family.  The terms were that he was to carry over with him four Italians skilled in glass-making, and also two servants, the expense to be borne by him, while the Company was to furnish their general equipment.  Upon arriving, within three months he was to erect a house for the manufacture of every variety of glass. He was to have the exclusive right to manufacture glass for the colony for the term of seven years. The contract with Norton however ws reconsidered at a Quarter Court convened at a later date and it was decided that the calculation of expenses were not accurate. Therefore, it was decided to recommend the proposed manufacture to private subscribers, advancing one-fourth of the amount required to set the enterprise on a firm basis.  Fifty acres were allowed every person sent over by private adventurers. Captain Norton erected a glass furnace but died soon after. There is no evidence to show how long the glass-house remained in existence.

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