Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Magazine Ship

The affairs of the Magazine were administered by a director (of the London Company) who was assisted by a committee of five councillors and the accounts thereof were required to be passed upon  by auditors specially nominagted at a Quarter Court.  This means that the adventurers held separate meetiings when all routine business was transacted. At this time, no outside trader could send supplies into the Colony.  The first ships had carried supplies to the Colony as well as a large number of persons who proposed to reside in Virginia.  After the year of 1619, the vessel which conveyed articles and supplies into the Jamestown settlement were called a magazine ship.  The articles purchased by the adventurers who entered into a joint stock (known as the magazine) were conveyed by the magazine ship and its loading was confined to goods and a few men who were appointed to take charge of them both before and after their arrival at Jamestown. The first magazine ship was the Susan, a small vessel whose cargo was restricted to clothing (of which the Colony stood in great need). The goods of the Susan were placed in the care of Abraham Piersey as Cape Merchant, both during the voyage and after Virginia was reached. The only commodities produced in the Colony assuring a profit when sold in England were tobacco and sassafras, which was exchanged for the contents of the magazine vessel.

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